Term 2 Matakids School Holiday Programme July 2019

Mondays (8 & 15 July) - Snells Beach Skate Park sessions Pro skateboarder Umberto Skinner aka ‘Skinner’ will lead the kids through skateboarding warm-ups, skateboard mechanics, tricks, techniques, nutrition, mindset, confidence, situational awareness and much much more. Principal Skinner’s motto is “Plus et en vous” - There is more inside you than you think. Waikato Regional Champion ’05 3 x Team NZ ‘06 ‘07 ‘08 • Skating since ‘86, 15 yrs Boom Professional • New Zealand éS Game of S.K.A.T.E ’06 • Switch 360 Flip World Record ’12 • Head Coach Skate Academy NZ ’18• Current Team/Promo manager for Boom Skateboards. Skinner started the #Sk8ToLive movement about supporting mental health awareness through the power of skateboarding. Learn new tricks, make new friends or just exert some energy, no doubt it will be awesome!!

Tuesdays (9 & 16 July) - Special FX workshops A special twist on art. Kids will learn the techniques of making those Hollywood characters come alive. Local artist Amy and her daughter Dali Smith @makeupbydalifx will turn your child into their favorite movie character as well as inspire to create their own special FX. Plenty of photos and skills sent home as well as a slime making session at the end of the day.

Wednesdays (10 & 17 July) - The Fairy Shop On Ponsonby Road in Auckland is the ultimate place to go for our fairy and pirate dreamers! The children have an amazing time with either a Princess, Pirate or Fairy, experiencing the magic and seeing wishes come true! More fun games and a magical morning tea. Kids will come away feeling like a very special princess or fighting pirate.

Thursdays (11 & 18 July) - Clip 'N Climb Where climbing walls meet theme park in an exciting new leisure concept for all ages and all climbing abilities. With little or no climbing experience, the automatic belay system takes in the slack as you climb up and then lowers you gently to the ground. Clip 'N Climb is indoor climbing at its safest! And one of the favourite places the children love to visit each school holiday time.

Friday (12 & 19 July) - Movie and Popcorn chill out With playground challenges and games Week 1 Secret Life of Pets 1 and 2 Week 2 Toy Story 1, 2, 3 and 4

Daily cost: $86 per child from 9am to 3pm any extra hours charged at standard after school prices. Call Julie Atkinson at Matakids on 022 3505687 email:matakanakids@gmail.com