A big welcome to Matakids from Director, Julie Atkinson

Matakids has been operating for 25 years. Julie has owned Matakids since 2009. Julie has worked with children for decades, organising after school care, volunteering for schools etc.
Matakids has a no-nonsense policy, of which the staff, children and parents are all aware. Staff are happy to have productive conversations with parents if they see any particular behaviours forming. We get one shot at helping to raise well-rounded children and our motto is ‘good manners and kindness are always in fashion’. Matakids staff treat children with respect and expect it to be returned with good clear boundaries so that we enjoy our time together.
We encourage Matakids children to continue the school philosophy of MAGIC (mature, articulate, goal driven, inquiring and caring) we also support older children to improve their mediation skills and take turns to run afternoon activities.

Before and After School

Children arrive from 7am. (Other times by discussion). Breakfast included (cereal, fruit, toast, fluffies).
At 2.45pm we collect children from the meeting area. Afternoon tea included (fruit, sandwiches).
Children are encouraged to finish their homework and can enjoy free play, arts and crafts, relaxed reading, swimming during summer, maths games, sports and drama. For one term we have a no TV policy, children play board games together and interact with different age groups through shared play.

Physical environment and atmosphere

Matakids operates from the Castle at Matakana School. A large lounge room with natural light, a covered deck, separate toy room, separate kitchen with dining table, a large bathroom with complete disabled access.

Matakids offers a nurturing, relaxed and safe environment similar to home. The Castle kitchen is a busy and fun place where children tidy up after themselves and enjoy making fluffies in winter. The Castle is a great space for children to chill out and feel like they are at home spending time with their friends and siblings.

The toy room provides space for smaller children to have quiet time with LEGO, cars and dolls etc. In the main room, children can work on their Matakids scrapbooks, play air hockey or have relaxed reading time on beanbags. The Castle is adjacent to a large outdoor playground and sandpit where the children play daily.

To find out more, check out our facebook page or call us today. https://www.facebook.com/matakidswithjulie/

Youth Development Programme
Matakids offers work to college children, assisting them with a reference for part time jobs in the future.

Before and after school care - School holiday programme - After hours childcare - Overnight childcare
Weekend bookings: 1 to 6 children for 1 to 5 hours. $125 set rate
Parents can enjoy a night out or attend a work function while children have a fun night at home.

Julie Atkinson MATAKIDS
matakanakids@gmail.com 022 3505 687 www.matakids.co.nz